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The Freightliner M2 112 Natural Gas

The Freightliner Lineup

The Freightliner® M2 112 is ideal for regional and in-town routes. It handles tight turns and loading docks with ease. The M2 112 also offers excellent visibility, which makes driving safer, especially in local traffic. This versatile vehicle is lighter than other trucks, yet still delivers up to 470 horsepower. So you get the power and fuel efficiency to run a profitable business. It comes equipped with the Detroit™ DD13® or a Cummins® L9 engine, or you can spec it for natural gas with a Cummins Westport ISL G. If you’re looking for the easiest way to maximize productivity, the M2 112 is the truck for you. That’s what we call running smart.

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M2 112 Bulk Haul

Bulk Haul

Built to maximize payloads and efficiencies without sacrificing durability or safety, Freightliner® bulk-haulers deliver versatility—in bulk. A variety of optional, lightweight components—like aluminum frame rails, axle carriers and air tanks—deliver significant weight savings and real fuel economy. With a full selection of safety options, including stability control, rollover restraint packages, seat- and steering-wheel-mounted airbags, as well as object-detection and collision-avoidance systems, even hauling heavy and hazardous materials is made safer and easier. Flexible Power Take-Off (PTO) placement increases options. That’s what we call running smart.
M2 112 CNG


As diesel costs rise, natural gas remains relatively stable and less expensive, and tax credits to defer acquisition expenditures may also apply. Switching to natural gas now can translate into significant fuel savings and money in your pocket tomorrow, so be sure to check with your local dealer to review available incentives. Better for the environment, near-zero-emission Freightliner® natural-gas-powered trucks are among the cleanest trucks on the road, featuring Cummins Westport engines with greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions of up to 20% versus comparable diesel engines. Also, on average, natural gas engines run 10 decibels quieter than a comparable diesel engine. Reliable and safe alternatives, the 112 M2 and Cascadia 113 trucks feature factory-installed, warranty-covered natural-gas engines, fuel tanks and related components, including a standard methane-detection system. In the rare occurrence of a CNG tank puncture, fuel will simply vent into the atmosphere, rather than pool onto the ground. Factory-installed back-of-cab CNG (Type III aluminum-wrapped carbon fiber with 20-year lifespan), rail-mounted CNG (type IV carbon-fiber-wrapped plastic) and LNG (stainless steel) cylinder tanks meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. With a simple purchase process, easy financing, comprehensive warranties and unmatched service and support, Freightliner has you covered.
M2 112 Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue

When the alarm sounds, fire and emergency trucks must be ready to respond. In this line of work, performance and efficiency make all the difference, which is why Freightliner® fire and emergency trucks are engineered to prioritize both. Choose from front- and rear-engine power take-offs with day-, extended- and crew-cab configurations that feature a variety of seating options, including SCBA provisions and three-point seatbelts. Customers rely on Freightliner for medium-duty emergency truck and firetruck needs because we provide durable products they can count on, and the flexibility they need from a new truck.
M2 112 Flatbed


Built to handle the most cumbersome of jobs, from iron rods and steel pipes to lumber and heavy equipment, the Freightliner Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolution® are the first choice for tough flatbed loads. With plenty of storage on the frame rails for chains, tarps and tie-downs to contain, secure and immobilize the most challenging of loads, there is also plenty of driver headroom, and most can stand comfortably in the cab of our Mid-Roof XT model. On the road, the advanced aerodynamics and solid, lightweight construction of a Freightliner pays off in maximized payloads and fuel efficiencies. With an up-to 50-degree wheel cut, ample swing space and a ground-to-cab height with plenty of overhead clearance—especially when backing up in crowded distribution centers or tight docking situations—Freightliner delivers superior maneuverability. That’s what we call running smart.
M2 112 Regional Distribution

Regional Distribution

Designed for regional hauling and built for the long haul, Freightliner® regional-distribution trucks combine aerodynamic designs, weight-saving materials and the latest in engine technology for maximum fuel efficiency and payload capacity. With the addition of an up-to-50-degree wheel cut for excellent maneuverability, the Freightliner Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolution® are built to keep always-in-demand regional haulers on the road. Additional distribution centers, closer to customers and suppliers, are opening every day. With an expansive dealer network, ServicePoint facilities and 24/7 customer support hotline—particularly when paired with Detroit Connect Virtual Technician onboard diagnostic systems—potential downtime is continually minimized. That’s what we call running smart.
M2 112 TL / LTL


When delivery schedules are non-negotiable, there’s no room for compromise, and when time is critical, it pays to have a reliable truck. Built with the most durable of components, Freightliner® trucks are optimized for strength, endurance and maximum payload. Equipped with advanced aerodynamic enhancements and the latest drivetrain technologies—including the optional Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission—Freightliners are designed for fuel-sipping efficiency. With more customers focused on cost-per-mile, our extensive service network, reduced maintenance intervals and overall long-term durability lowers Real Cost of Ownership for every customer. That’s why the Freightliner Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolution® are smart choices for truckload and less-than-truckload haulers, and that’s what we call running smart.


  • 7/8
  • 260 – 320 HP
  • Up to 1000 lb-ft
  • Up to 66,000 lbs.
Cab Configurations
  • Day Cab
  • Extended Cab
    • 26″
  • Crew Cab
    • 48″
  • Cummins L9N
  • Detroit
  • Meritor
  • AirLiner®
  • TufTrac®
  • Haulmaax®
  • Primaax®
  • Firemaax®
  • Taper Leaf
  • Flat Leaf Spring
  • Automatic
    • Allison® 3000
    • Allison® 4000

Available Engines

Cummins L9N

Cummins L9N

The 2018 L9N continues the evolution of emission leading natural gas engines from Cummins Westport, with the lowest certified Ultra Low NOx emission engines in North America – 90% lower than current North American EPA standards. With 320 hp / 1,000 lb-ft torque, and near zero emissions, the L9N is ideal for transit, refuse, and truck applications.